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When the Encourager Needs Encouraging…

…the mother needs mothering…the doctor needs healing… the caregiver needs caring… You get the picture.

Oftentimes we find ourselves in situations where we are all tired out. We give and give and give until there is nothing left. That’s when it’s time to stop and say, “Hey! Can someone help me over here!!

When we’re in the midst of creating and living our dream, it can sometimes seem overwhelming. We’re often combining our dreams with everyday necessities like full-time jobs and family responsibilities. Some of us may feel as though “time is running out” and may try to do too much. Don’t.

Whenever you put your whole heart and soul into something and go full throttle, it can wear you out. It doesn’t matter what it is. We know that physical activity can be exhaustive. But non-physical activity can take the wind out of us as well. Have you ever listened to someone until you are exhausted? How about talking? I know of people who pray for others and have absolutely no strength left afterwards.

The same holds true when someone has taken on the role of encourager. It can be exhausting constantly listening to and helping others, lifting them up and keeping them on the right path.

If you have someone who has consistently been an encouragement to you, think about sometimes “flipping the script.” Try to think of ways you can be an encouragement to an encourager.

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