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When Our Dreams Have Drama

Most (if not all) of the people we spoke with about their lifelong dreams mentioned all the “drama” and “issues” they encountered. In one situation, the husband pilfered thousands of dollars from the business. In another, health issues were the driving force to keep the dream from reality. Those are just two examples of many.

However in every situation, the drama didn’t stop them. Yes, it slowed them down, they had to make a detour instead of the straight road they intended to travel, but they were committed and determined to see the dream through.

Well, Just Do Your Dream is no different. The mere fact that the purpose of the blog, website and book is to encourage, uplift and help others, attracted drama. There were (what seemed to be) insurmountable technical difficulties, higher than high hurdles and not to mention one of the main culprits…the person in the mirror looking back at us.

In order to get over it, we had to go through it. What got Just Do Your Dream on track was the determination to fix what was wrong. Reading the stories and examples in Just Do Your Dream of the people who were not deterred made our constitution even stronger. If they could, we can.

After months of fighting and pushing our way through, Just Do Your Dream is back on track. We apologize for what looked like abandonment, but it was only an unforeseeable detour. We’re here to serve —and drama, roadblocks and hurdles won’t deter us.

When you come against the naysayers (even your inner voice), difficulties and the manhole in which you fall, don’t listen. Grab that ladder and climb out.  That dream you have won’t go away because it’s within you. You have to do it.

Just do your dream!



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