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Larry Lacy – Photographer

You have to have a vision to be successful

While in my 20s, I was interested in photography when the Single Lens Reflexes were coming into being. I worked at McDonnell and Douglass which had a photography club. We met at a Baptist church in the evening and talked about photography techniques.

What made you decide to finally realize your lifelong dream?

My wife talked me into it. I had been taking pictures, but I didn’t think there’s a market for it. I am a macro photographer, using a special macro lens. The lens works well with close-ups. I take photos of flowers, bugs, nature and food.

What were the specific obstacles that you faced?

Most everybody says they can take pictures. I think, ‘OK, I will buy Heart Surgery for Dummies and perform heart surgery.’ You have to have intuition to take these pictures. You have to have natural ability. Just because I have a pen and paper doesn’t mean I can write a novel. There are people who think just because they have a camera that they can do it, but they can’t.

What helped you get through them?

It is a lot a work. You don’t just take pictures and start selling them. My wife does the administrative and business management, marketing. I just like to take pictures. I do the easy part and take pictures.

Were there people who tried to discourage you?

No…not really. We’ve been in business before. We don’t take discouragement easily.

How did you feel when you finally accomplished your lifelong dream?

It was a natural high. It’s great to do something that satisfies you and at the same time it’s something other people want to buy.

What advice would you give to others that are contemplating finally living their dream?

You have to have passion. Many people don’t have the passion to go into business. They want a steady pay check with security and insurance.

You have to have a vision to be successful. If you don’t have a vison, then don’t do it. Most people don’t want to take a risk. Risk-taking is a big part of wanting to do something. It’s all risky. If you can’t take a risk, then stay in a safe environment.

Ask yourself if you really want to do it. If you do, you will find money and resources. You will prioritize your life so that you can do it.

To see Larry’s creative photography, visit his site.


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