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Kelly Chapman, Entrepreneur

Be Aligned with Purpose I was born and raised in Shaker Heights, Ohio. I attended Case Western Reserve University and received a general MBA from the J.L. Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. A self-proclaimed “hustler”, I have always worked three jobs since I was in high school. One of them happens to be […]

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FotoFlexer_Photo LarryLacy

Larry Lacy – Photographer

You have to have a vision to be successful While in my 20s, I was interested in photography when the Single Lens Reflexes were coming into being. I worked at McDonnell and Douglass which had a photography club. We met at a Baptist church in the evening and talked about photography techniques. What made you […]

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Annette Zito – Entrepreneur

Making People Healthy and Happy… Having grown up with my dad being a business-owner, I always thought I’d have my own business. When I entered university, I studied marketing and advertising, with the intent to go the corporate route, which is what I did for many years. In the aftermath of the 2001 dot-com bubble […]

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CraigWolfagainst red door

Craig Wolfe – CelebriDucks

Persevere and Keep a Good Attitude When I graduated college with an English and religion degree, I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. Money alone does not motivate me, passion and creativity does. Anyone can make money. It was scary not having direction. One day I saw a 1930’s Mickey Mouse […]

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Lori Del Genis by Redheadedninja_2462cropped

Lori Del Genis – Dress Designer

Follow What Fuels Your Heart I had always wanted to be a dress designer. My mother taught me to have a practical skill to support myself and my children so that I would never have to depend on anyone else.  Like a dutiful daughter I attended graduate school and received a master’s in speech language […]

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Jo-Ann Tilghman – Online Store

Don’t Look Back with Regrets For his store, my grandfather imported items from Mexico; clothing, jewelry, pottery, all different types of items packed in sawdust and wood shavings. I would go treasure hunting through the ‘Easter basket grass’ trying to find treasures and treats. In 1958, those items from Mexico were high-end compared with what […]

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Faith McKinney – Personal Brander

Act on your deepest desire My dream was to overcome my shyness, be famous and meet and be seen with celebrities. I’ve interviewed dozens of celebrities and lead Successful Thinkers of Indianapolis, a very popular networking organization. I was always very shy. When I was in first grade, the teacher asked my mother if I […]

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Gawri Manecuta – Self-Publisher/Author/Writer

When You Hear a No, You’ve Got Someone’s Attention I always wanted to write children’s books. As a child I read endlessly – the classics and books by Enid Blyton. I read The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew mysteries and Lord of the Rings. The Thornbirds I read at 10 years old. I also used […]

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Cherie Corso – Parenting Expert

You are always growing and evolving I have a modeling background. I have pictures and have been in magazines, but I never thought that I would be lecturing on entrepreneurship or in a newsroom giving my opinion. Although I always wanted to do it. Now I’m one of the experts sitting on the couch giving […]

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David Pressler – Safe Domes Creator

Any goal can be achieved Growing up, I worked for my Dad and his friend at a landfill. Firefighters would come and look for “treasure.” One day when I was in college and working part time, they came and said they were hiring. I wasn’t hired right away, but finished college and a stint in […]

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Cindy Salvo

Cindy D. Salvo, Esq – Lawyer

Really try to make it work Back when I was in high school and deciding what I wanted to do, I thought about law because it interested me. At the time, only four percent of attorneys were women. I went into another helping profession – psychology – but didn’t like it and it didn’t feel […]

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Rai Chowdhary

Rai Chowdhary – Author

Do magic with your life! There are two types of dreams: The ones that come when you are sleeping—not your choice, it just occurs to you—and the ones you create. Dreams that occur when you are sleeping are very often not something you can accomplish or do. What you create is done carefully. When I […]

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marc renson

Marc Renson – Entrepreneur

Photo: Marc Renson (left) and Robert Irvine the Food Network’s “Restaurant Impossible” The doors will open up… Since I was five, I’ve loved Hollywood. I enjoyed watching Donny and Marie, Sonny and Cher…  Since I was ten, I’ve loved the movie 9 to 5 with Dolly Parton. Finally tying all this together…since I was 16, […]

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Carolyn Howard-Johnson – Author

It is never too late to revive a dream When I applied for a job as a writer for Good Housekeeping (Hearst Corporation) in New York in 1961, I was required to take a typing test. I was piqued because I wasn’t applying for the typing-pool, I was applying for a post as an editorial […]

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