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There are two types of dreams: The ones that come when you are sleeping—not your choice, it just occurs to you—and the ones you create. Dreams that occur when you are sleeping are very often not something you can accomplish or do. What you create is done carefully.

When I was young, my first dream was to be a top notch engineer and create fantastic products. When my dad’s car would break down, I asked, ‘Why do these cars break down? Engineers design them, and depending on how they design it, they can last a long time.’

I grew up in Bombay, India. I had a lot of trials. My father died when I was 12 years old. I inherited my father’s factory, and created a lot of products for cars and trucks, but I failed high school and we almost became homeless and bankrupt due to large amounts of debt. But my mother was there to help. We eventually pulled ourselves out of our negative situation.

After moving to the United States in 1981, I attended Arizona State University majoring in engineering. There was no looking back. I started a business and created medical devices along with many different types of products. The latest company, Dloxr, made medical products and devices. It was sold in 2014.

Life throws obstacles your way, but you have to work through them and not give up. We had tons of them. Every single day. Creating and living your dream is not as easy as it sounds. The amount of obstacles are sometimes like huge mountains. You look at the enormity of it all and think, ‘How in the world am I supposed to overcome this?’ Sometimes they are so huge that you really can’t do anything about them and you have to change gears.

There were people telling us that we would not succeed. One of our products was priced at four times the market price of similar products. ‘It would not work’, they told us, ‘No one will buy it.’ We sold so many, we could not keep up!

Several times I harbored doubt and fear that I would not be able to accomplish my dreams. The way I have tried to keep those fears at bay is to lay out a plan or roadmap of what I want to do. I break them into small chunks of activity and then they are manageable. I don’t look at the whole thing, I only look at four or five things. I ask myself, ‘What is the worst that can happen? I keep moving along just working and looking at the small chunks and not the whole mountain. Then I will work on the next five to ten.

Pretty soon, I have gone over the mountain.

I have lived my dreams for over 20 years. From my experiences, I created a system and framework called Do-Magic. It’s designed to teach others how to create and live their dreams.

In order to “Do Magic,” you have to:

D – Define your Dream

O – Observe, and be Objective

M – Have Mindsets, Milestones, and Measures of Success (MOS)

A – Analyze and take Action

G – Generate a Timeline and Plan B

I – Implement, and stay Inspired

C – Have Checks and Balances, Celebration, and Commitment

Life did not come with a user’s manual on how to dream or live. The result is that too many people wander through life and achieve far less than their full potential – relying on success by chance. They lose precious time, and wake up one day to find that it is too late.

Do-Magic provides a system and a framework that you can use to sculpt your success—and do it by design.

For more information on Rai and his book, visit Do Magic With Your Life.

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