A Life With Purpose Is On Purpose

The world needs you and the purpose for which you were born.

Everything in life and everyone created by God has a purpose – from the smallest grain of sand, to the largest mammal in the sea. When man creates a product, the purpose precedes production. Purpose is the original intent for creation. It is need, desired result, objective, expectation and final destination. We all have a purpose.

I’m sure you’ve been at this place before. A very close friend just cannot seem to find her way in life. She moves from job to job, seeking the right “fit.” There is always an excuse. The boss didn’t like her, the hours weren’t right, the money wasn’t enough, and the co-workers were a “pain.”  She is always “fitna” do something. She just can’t place her finger on what it is. You think, It wouldn’t be so bad if this were a teenager or a twenty-something. Her peers are speaking of retirement and/or starting second careers. Her first career has not yet left the ground. She’s searching for her purpose.

Know that your individual purpose is linked to a greater purpose. Often there is more than one purpose that exists. For instance, a father’s role is to be the provider; a friend and lover to his wife; a teacher, disciplinarian and encourager to his children. Life without purpose is haphazard because knowing your purpose is the key to peace. Purpose sets the course and direction in which a person is to go. It also paves the way toward the goal.

We must seek God’s purpose for our lives – the reason we were created and the reason we are here. To know purpose is to know the path we’re to take that will ultimately lead to life’s fulfillment.

Just Do Your Dream.

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