Eww…That Other Four-Letter Word!

I hate the concept of easy. Well, hate is a harsh word. I strongly dislike it.

This four-letter word has bled into nearly every aspect of American culture. From week-long fad diets to people desperately trying to make a quick fortune effortlessly, we’ve seemed to shun the idea of hard work or “blood, sweat and tears” when it comes to reaching a desired goal.

Maybe we’ve always been like this. But I can’t imagine that to be true when I think about the cool things that we’ve invented and all that we’ve accomplished.

Regardless of where it came from, why it happened, or when it came about, some people care about more about the results over the process, the destination rather than the journey. Many fall in love with their end goal but hate the concept of putting in any real effort to get there.

Reading this, it may seem as though I harbor some sort of contempt for the human race, that I’m some spiteful misanthrope hypocrite sitting atop my throne hastily built from thinly veiled narcissism and shreds of a God complex. But the truth is, I’m not. I’m also guilty of choosing the fork in the road that would take the smallest amount of effort. Many times.

It makes sense that we want to avoid hard work. All of the every day luxuries we take for granted came from a desire to have a simpler, better, more convenient life. Look at texting. Even the word easy has been sliced to only two letters…EZ.

What many may not realize, is that at the same time, the creation of those luxuries derived from hard work and determination by the people who made them.

We’d still be in the horse and buggy if Henry Ford looked for the easy way out. There would be no airplane if the Wright brothers had tried to find a shortcut. No telephone or “smart” phone if Alexander Graham Bell decided that designing it was too much work. I could go on and on and I know you have countless examples too.

As a society, we should realize that nothing that is easy to acquire is worth having. Not that all the easy things are garbage, but we shouldn’t shun going after our dreams if we think the journey will be difficult.

It may be.

You may have to study harder, work longer, miss sleep, make lots and lots of mistakes. If the end goal is getting to the end of the goal, then being hard may still be worth it. Only you can decide that. I’m just here to encourage you to not fear the journey, if if it’s difficult.

Instead of thinking about how hard it is, we should place our thoughts on how good we’ll feel when we’ve accomplished what we set out to do.

Just Do Your Dream!

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