David Pressler – Safe Domes Creator

Any goal can be achieved

Growing up, I worked for my Dad and his friend at a landfill. Firefighters would come and look for “treasure.” One day when I was in college and working part time, they came and said they were hiring. I wasn’t hired right away, but finished college and a stint in the Air Force. I was later hired and spent 30 years as a firefighter.

I went through Hurricane Andrew in September, 1992. I realized that people need more safe rooms and better homes. In 1992 I designed and completed a monolithic concrete home which has no air leaks so your home is 40 percent more energy efficient than any other home built.

Safe domes are transportable, eight ton, monolithic concrete domes. They are hurricane and tornado proof withstanding winds over 200 mph. I developed a shed that can save your life.

What made you decide to finally realize your lifelong dream?

There are two issues that have plagued our society; energy and homes being blown away. I wanted to build a house that won’t blow away which meant it had to be 85-90 percent off the grid.

What were the specific obstacles that you faced?

There were people and organizations that didn’t want me to succeed. I had to continuously fight to have my voice heard and to try to make a difference.

Were there people that tried to discourage you?

My spouse was not supportive. When I get on the subject of my passion and what I do, I’m like a nonstop networker. I cannot stop talking about domes.

When I was beginning this project, I had to spend money which was a constant battle. When you have someone who is negative, it’s a constant struggle and you have to get past that.

How did you feel when you finally accomplished your lifelong dream?

It’s very self-gratifying. There are people who do nothing but talk. I’m a guy that built a home and room that won’t blow down. I didn’t just talk or draw pictures about it. I did it.


What advice would you give to others that are contemplating finally living their dream?

Simply do it. Any goal can be achieved. Make your goal realistic.

Take one step at a time. I started out with baby steps. Look for the simplest, most inexpensive step to take first. From that, take the next small step. When people see this big, enormous project, they get overwhelmed. It was one step at a time and one hurdle at a time. Eventually, a bunch of baby steps becomes a mile.


To learn more about David’s safe domes, click here. For other inventions and adventures, click here.

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