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Make Time for Your Dream

One evening after work while doing chores, the phone rang. Normally, I don’t like to answer when I’m in the middle of something. But this evening, something told me to pick up. The call was from someone who rarely called me. My 90-year-old uncle. It’s unusual for me to receive a “just-thinking-about-you” call from one […]

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A Life With Purpose Is On Purpose

The world needs you and the purpose for which you were born. Everything in life and everyone created by God has a purpose – from the smallest grain of sand, to the largest mammal in the sea. When man creates a product, the purpose precedes production. Purpose is the original intent for creation. It is […]

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No Doubt

I have a friend who, after someone made a comment, would almost always reply, ‘No doubt. No doubt.’ That eventually began to irritate me. I thought, ‘Don’t you have anything else to say?’ One day, I listened to those two words. No Doubt. They began to take a different meaning. How many times have we […]

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Have You Been Robbed?         

I came home one day and found the front door wide open. Uh oh. . . I thought. Someone must have been in here. Since we have two children, who are mostly forgetful and sometimes irresponsible (I love them dearly), I figured they may have rushed out of the house forgetting to close the door. […]

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Press On!

For a Christmas gift, my sister gave me adult coloring books. I’d run across them a few months earlier and thought coloring again would be relaxing and fun. I loved coloring with my children.  Now they are older and rather play video games. Instead of crayons, colored pencils are used. Children’s coloring books have big, […]

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Be Brave

“Wow, you’re so brave,” is what friends told me after I led a group of ninth-graders to launch French fries toward the chalk board in math class (the teacher just happened to be standing there). I don’t know if it was being brave, or having an adolescent brain that hadn’t fully developed. We definitely paid […]

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Businesswomen talking in office

When the Encourager Needs Encouraging…

…the mother needs mothering…the doctor needs healing… the caregiver needs caring… You get the picture. Oftentimes we find ourselves in situations where we are all tired out. We give and give and give until there is nothing left. That’s when it’s time to stop and say, “Hey! Can someone help me over here!! When we’re […]

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When Our Dreams Have Drama

Most (if not all) of the people we spoke with about their lifelong dreams mentioned all the “drama” and “issues” they encountered. In one situation, the husband pilfered thousands of dollars from the business. In another, health issues were the driving force to keep the dream from reality. Those are just two examples of many. […]

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Sal, Leno and Bob

He Got His Kicks on Route 66

Sal, Leno and Bob It’s June. Summertime means fun time. What better way to enjoy all of life’s pleasures than to take a road trip. Bob Walton shares his lifelong dream of traveling the U.S. countryside on Route 66 with his friend Sal. He  recalls the adventures on the over two thousand-mile trip.  Outrunning tornadoes, […]

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Just Do Your Dream

Speaking with the people profiled on JDYD, they have several things in common, but one that particularly stands out. They didn’t give up. When I listened to them tell their stories, I thought how strong they were. Several had what most would consider physical limitations. They didn’t let it stop them. Their dream was that […]

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