Be Brave

“Wow, you’re so brave,” is what friends told me after I led a group of ninth-graders to launch French fries toward the chalk board in math class (the teacher just happened to be standing there).

I don’t know if it was being brave, or having an adolescent brain that hadn’t fully developed. We definitely paid the consequences for that one.

When I think of one of the main reasons it took over 20 years to attempt my dream, it boils down to fear. I had so many insecurities (one of wearing half a bikini in front of so many people), that I couldn’t’ see beyond them to the bigger picture.

Since it’s January, I’m still thinking about what I want to accomplish in 2016. This is the year for me to be brave. Though the opposite of fear is not courage (it’s actually safety), I still like the idea of being bold and brave in my pursuits.

B-Be bold in my thinking of new (or old) things in which to try and do

R-Be ready to act on the things that will eventually bring me joy

A-Act on the things that will eventually bring me joy

V-Celebrate the victory when I’ve accomplished it

E-Encourage others to do what they want to do after setting the example

I love to set goals and see if I can accomplish them. That’s a thrill for me. What is it that you want to accomplish?

Will you join me in bring BRAVE this year?

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