Sal, Leno and Bob

He Got His Kicks on Route 66

Sal, Leno and Bob It’s June. Summertime means fun time. What better way to enjoy all of life’s pleasures than to take a road trip. Bob Walton shares his lifelong dream of traveling the U.S. countryside on Route 66 with his friend Sal. He  recalls the adventures on the over two thousand-mile trip.  Outrunning tornadoes, […]

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FotoFlexer_Photo LarryLacy

Larry Lacy – Photographer

You have to have a vision to be successful While in my 20s, I was interested in photography when the Single Lens Reflexes were coming into being. I worked at McDonnell and Douglass which had a photography club. We met at a Baptist church in the evening and talked about photography techniques. What made you […]

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Dan Lavery – Peace Activist

Your life’s happiness depends on you I attended the same high school military academy, like my father and brother. I graduated from the Naval Academy at Annapolis. As an ensign, I navigated a jet aircraft for more than a year, and then navigated 300 marines to Vietnam. Just before I entered Vietnam as a conservative […]

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Dr. Tracy Thomas – Psychologist

Heal Yourself First Since I was a kid, people treated me like a grownup…always talking about their problems. I was always listening… always the go-to, advise-giver to my friends and family members. I was always a psychologist. I was a manager, leading and managing a lot of employees. (Yet) I am doing psychology – employee […]

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Jonita Mullins – Author

Step out of your comfort zone I was working as an executive director of a nonprofit organization. It was a one woman operation in Muskogee, OK. It started the organization because of my interest in historic preservation. When we lost our major financial supporter, the board of directors could no longer pay my salary. I […]

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Annette Zito – Entrepreneur

Making People Healthy and Happy… Having grown up with my dad being a business-owner, I always thought I’d have my own business. When I entered university, I studied marketing and advertising, with the intent to go the corporate route, which is what I did for many years. In the aftermath of the 2001 dot-com bubble […]

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Shelley Rafilson – Singer/Author

Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes I always wanted to be thin and to be a successful singer. My weight problem began in childhood. Most of my life I have been either chubby or obese. What made you decide to finally realize your lifelong dream? Due to health problems, and being middle-aged and on medications that […]

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Phillip Mandel at the piano-102

Philip Mandel – Concert Pianist

Carrying on the Legacy of the Masters I’m in my 60s and now living my dream. I retired eight years ago from a career as an engineer which I had since I graduated college. My other career was as a health coach. My other ‘careers’ are as a part time flying instructor, a personal coach […]

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Bryan Mattimore Author Photo 2014

Bryan Mattimore – Idea Guy

Popularizing the structure of creativity I grew up in a creative, entrepreneurial household. Ever since I can remember, certainly by age seven, I was curious about how to come up with a new idea. What were the creative processes/ways to think that would enable someone to create a continuous stream of new ideas? The passion […]

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CraigWolfagainst red door

Craig Wolfe – CelebriDucks

Persevere and Keep a Good Attitude When I graduated college with an English and religion degree, I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. Money alone does not motivate me, passion and creativity does. Anyone can make money. It was scary not having direction. One day I saw a 1930’s Mickey Mouse […]

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Carol Gee – Author

Follow Your Passion Growing up, while I imagined someday writing the great American novel, my mother and the women in my village saw me, chalk in hand poised over a blackboard. Back then, teaching was one of the few career choices available to women in general, and to women of color in particular. I wrote sporadically. […]

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Diane Randall – Coach

Be true to yourself I am a helper. When I was younger, my phone always rang. Someone always wanted help with something. What made you decide to finally realize your lifelong dream? I lived a very high stressed life and I wasn’t really taking good care of myself, but felt there was little I would […]

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