Anita Perry

Anita Perry – Yoga Instructor

You are never too old

I wanted to be an author at age six or seven. Always an avid reader, I remember going to school being encouraged to be a good student. I loved to share what I wrote and I would always add an illustration with it. Illustrating was not my strong suit, but I published poems and articles in newsletters and newspapers and I always wanted to expand on that.

My journey let me to become an instructor and trainer. When I was in my 20’s I did think yoga was too slow, and I didn’t need it.  When I was in my late forties,  was when I did need yoga because my knees and bladder couldn’t take the jumping up and down anymore.

What made you decide to finally realize your lifelong dream?

There are a lot of things that got in the way; work, motherhood (two children), putting myself through school…The library is my second home. Unless I was called upon to write something for work, I would step up and do that. A full book was not what I had time for. When finances are involved, there is a financial commitment whether you decide to self-publish or get picked up by a publisher.

What were the specific obstacles that you faced?

There were many obstacles. I was establishing myself as a full time teacher at the same time I was starting the yoga practice. There were some with whom I worked who did not like yoga or want me to practice yoga, but I decided to pursue it anyway.

Before that, when I was shopping the book to agents, many of the agents said it’s a great idea, but what is your social following? How many people do you have? You have to have a social following of at least 100,000 people. I then had to say…sorry. I ended up self-publishing which, to me, is more lucrative.

What helped you get through them?

I think the empty nest syndrome helped. There was just me, my husband and the dog. The freeing up of time helped. I’ve always been the type of person that once I set my mind to do something, I will do it.

How did you feel when you finally accomplished your lifelong dream?

The library was my refuge growing up. That was the epitome for me, to have Yoga Minute in my local library. It was an honor.

Yoga Minute was written after I became a yoga instructor. It incorporates yoga into daily life a minute at a time. It’s for busy women, and others, who need it but don’t know how to fit it into their life. You can do it while driving, cooking, spending time with your kids… anything that you may be doing.

What advice would you give to others who are contemplating finally living their dream?

What you have within you to do, do it. There are people who will help you. You’ve just got to find them. They are out there.

It may be a cliché, but you are never too old. Age is a state of mind.

Visit Anita’s site to learn more about her and her book, Yoga Minute.

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