Press On!

For a Christmas gift, my sister gave me adult coloring books. I’d run across them a few months earlier and thought coloring again would be relaxing and fun. I loved coloring with my children.  Now they are older and rather play video games.

Instead of crayons, colored pencils are used. Children’s coloring books have big, bold illustrations. The adults…not so. Adult pages are filled with tiny, intricate designs. I guess it’s because one has to linger in the moment, but they definitely are not for tired, bifocal-wearing eyes (I guess they didn’t think that one through).

My pencils drew lightly, so in order to get the desired color I needed, I had to apply a little pressure, or press a little harder (not too hard or the point would break).

When I pressed, I reached my goal of a more vibrant, bold picture. If not, the color was light and sometimes hard to see. It wasn’t what I wanted.

Getting to our “dream” goals can be like this sometimes. When we take our goals lightly and are not serious, we give up at the first sign of an obstacle. We stop “coloring” because it doesn’t look the way we thought it would.

If we press down (dig in) and press on, we can reach the goal we set for ourselves. It’s easy to give up and give in, but in order to do what we always wanted, we have to press on.

So press down (dig in) and press on. You’re one step closer to your dream.

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